If you have a warranty issue or service you would like to report or arrange a site visit for you may contact our Service Department on 02 9603 5991 or via email

However if you have all necessary details, please fill in the details in the form below to assist us with fast tracking the process. This will ensure a more efficient turn around of processing your request as it includes all necessary information to start the process. We may require additional information at a later stage, which we will communicate directly.

Most site service bookings and site glazing requests have a 2 to 3 week lead time depending on current work load, if replacement material is required and other factors. We will always attempt to complete the service within the indicated time frame and will do our best to communicate any changes as soon as practically possible.

Please note, in the event of a site service visit being due to installation or misuse by customer or their installer, there will be a service fee payable from $165+GST once you agree and confirm a booked site service visit.

Please fill out the form carefully and take the time to read important notes that will assist in determining whether there is a possibility of an installation or misuse issue being present.