New! Premium Residential Sliding Windows

Urban 580 Sliding Window

GEM Windows and Doors’ Urban 580 sliding window features clean lines and streamlined appearance thanks to the squared finish on the mullions and glazing beads. This range can be single or  double glazed to offer an enhanced level of thermal comfort and performance. All our residential sliding windows are manufactured with an integrated screen channel allowing for an optional fly screen to be added.

If you haven’t already checked out our double glazed windows options that we have available. Not only are they built to be soundproof and fire resistant but they also provide the greatest insulation compared to traditional wooden or aluminium windows as seen by the significant decrease in energy and heating costs.

Premium Residential Sliding Windows – Features & Benefits

  • Thermally efficient frame design
  • Single and double glazing options
  • Concealed mullion fixings
  • Compatible awning suite
  • Integrated insect and options available
Maximum Sash Sizes Frame Dimensions (Depth)
Height 1500mm Standard Frame 47mm
Width 1200mm    
Weight 12kg or 42kg Glazing Details
Max. Product Performance Single Glazed 3mm – 6mm
SLS (Pa) 4500 Double Glazed 14mm – 18mm
ULS (Pa) 6600 Max. Acoustic Rating
WATER (Pa) 450 Rw (C;CTR) 31 (-1;-2) 
Bushfire tested to BAL40