Aluminium BiFold Windows – Commercial S300


  • Commercial grade window panels
  • Commercial grade hardware -Lockable Lever Set Cylinder/Snib comes as standard – Silver
  • Unique jamb pivots are designed for easy adjustment of doors horizontally and vertically without having to remove the door panels.
  • High performance Q-Lon seals for superior sealing
  • Fully concealed stainless steel fixings
  • All frame joints are fully gasketed


  • Panels can stack in any configuration
  • Solid aesthetic modern appearance
  • Same frame as the Bi-Fold Door, same design and functionality.
  • Can be double glazed to 4/16/4mm or 5/14/5mm clear float glass
  • Can be fitted with a pleated retractable Brio screen

Important Note:

  • The sizes below are aluminium frame sizes.
  • Allow 20mm to height and 40mm width to include reveal fin (and timber reveal) same as for aluminium doors.
  • Clearance to be allowed as per builder recommendation.
  • Configuration is always viewed from outside. You can nominate which way panels fold and select active leaf.
  • If unsure please confirm prior to placing the order.

Youtube Bunnings Window Installation Video (Installing a smaller window with existing opening)

S300 Bifold Door Installation Guide

Aluminium BiFold Windows

Item No. Height
ABD300XX-1015-2 1000 1450  bifold w 2
ABD300XX-1215-2 1200 1450  bifold w 2
ABD300XX-1515-2 1500 1450  bifold w 2
ABD300XXX-1021-3(Site glazed) 1000 2150  bifold w 3
ABD300XXX-1221-3(Site glazed) 1200 2150  bifold w 3
ABD300XXX-1521-3(Site glazed) 1500 2150  bifold w 3
ABD 300XXXX-1029-4(Site glazed) 1000 2900  4 bifold
ABD 300XXXX-1229-4(Site glazed) 1200 2900  4 bifold
ABD 300XXXX-1529-4(Site glazed) 1500 2900  4 bifold
ABD 300 XXXXX-1036-5(Site glazed) 1000 3600  5 bifold
ABD 300 XXXXX-1236-5(Site glazed) 1200 3600  5 bifold
ABD 300 XXXXX-1536-5(Site glazed) 1500 3600  5 bifold

Optional Extras