Screens, Glass, Colours & Reveals

Fly doors and security barrier doors

May be added to the aluminium doors. Pricing as per below:

Fly doors (per opening panel) Standard Fibreglass Mesh $200 each
Fly doors (per opening panel) Aluminium Mesh $250 each
Fly doors (per opening panel) Stainless Steel Mesh $350 each
Note: Aluminium and stainless steel mesh does not provide security against break ins and is not a “crimsafe” screen.
Security: (Note: frame is colour matched to order, mesh and grill – standard black for improved outlook).
Single Diamond Security Door Standard Fibreglass Mesh $395 each
Single Diamond Security Door Aluminium Mesh $450 each
Single Diamond Security Door Stainless Steel Mesh $570 each
 Note: These doors are suitable as security barrier doors.Screens should be ordered at the time of placing the order for your doors. We only supply screens for our manufactured doors.

*GST is not included in these prices


For standard size aluminium doors, the included in the price glazing options is: 4 or 5mm Single Toughened Safety Glass (depending on item size and weight). Additional options are also available and are calculated as extra on top of the original price as a per square metre charge. These options are as outlined below:

Suitable Glass Type Standard Doors Custom Doors
All items 4mm Tgh Clear  N/A  N/A
All items 5mm Tgh Clear  $       60  $       25
All items 6mm Tgh Clear  $       70  $       45
All items 6mm Tgh Clear or Neutral Smart Glass  $       105  $       75
All items 6.38mm Clear Laminated  $       65  $       40
All items 6.5mm V LAM Hush Clear  $     158  $     110
All items 4mm Satinlite/ Forsted Tgh  $       63  $       40
All items 6.38mm Translucent Laminated  $       90  $       60
All items 6mm Tinted Tgh  $       56  $       40
All items 6.38mm Green Laminated  $       88  $       50
All items 6.38mm Grey Laminated  $       76  $       40
S300 Windows 4mm Clear Float/10/4mm Clear Float  N/A  N/A
S300 Windows 5mm Clear Float/8/5mm Clear Float  N/A  N/A
S300 Windows 6mm Clear Float/6/6mm Clear Float  N/A  N/A
S300 AWNING 4mm Clear Float/16/4mm Clear Float  N/A  N/A
S300 AWNING 5mm Clear Float/14/5mm Clear Float  N/A  N/A
S300 Windows 6mm Clear Float/12/6mm Clear Float  N/A  N/A
S300 All Itrems 4mm Clear Tgh/10/4mm Clear Tgh  $     130  $     162
S300 All Itrems 5mm Clear Tgh/8/5mm Clear Tgh  $     160  $     182
S300 All Itrems 6mm Clear Tgh/6/6mm Clear Tgh  $     216  $     216
S300 All Itrems 4mm Clear Tgh/16/4mm Clear Tgh  $     240  $     240
S300 All Itrems 5mm Clear Tgh/14/5mm Clear Tgh  $     261  $     261
S300 All Itrems 6mm Clear Tgh/12/6mm Clear Tgh  $     293  $     293

Colonial BarsNote: All prices exclude GST.

Colonial bars can be added to most aluminium doors – pricing is $20+GST per square, with exception of double glazed items which cannot be supplied with colonial bars.


The following are the colours available for the aluminium windows in the standard and custom size range.

Pearl White Surfmist Monument Ultra Silver Gloss
Colours & Options Sydney pearl white Colours & Options Sydney surfmist Colours & Options Sydney ultra silver gloss
Black Paperbark Woodland Grey Jasper
Colours & Options Sydney black Colours & Options Sydney paperbark Colours & Options Sydney woodland grey Colours & Options Sydney jasper


We offer a standard range of reveals that can be supplied either primed or raw. The standard reveal option is primed, and can be upgraded to a raw finish at an extra cost.

For all aluminium doors, reveals come pre-fitted to head and jambs  if purchased. The standard guide to reveals is as follows.

Standard size reveals:

80mm Reveal – Suitable for 70mm Stud (Fibro or Weatherboard Construction)
100mm Reveal – Suitable for 90mm Stud (Fibro or Weatherboard Construction)
116mm Reveal – Suitable for 70mm Stud (Brick Veneer Construction)
138mm Reveal – Suitable for 90mm Stud (Brick Veneer Construction)

Custom size reveal sizes also available


We pride ourselves on being able to provide very competitive prices to our clients for the custom size aluminium windows and doors. This has been achieved through lean manufacturing processes and standardisation of the product offering. The hardware on all standard size aluminium windows and doors is available in black only, except aluminium awning windows where colour matched winders may be requested by client at point of quoting.